Sunday, February 12, 2017

Technical Difficulties with Episode 7

Makoto and I are very sorry to have to cancel this week's episode. We attempted to load Google Hangouts for the YouTube live stream. Unfortunately, the stream loading was stuck on 99% and the Start Broadcast button never appeared.

This is the first time this error has happened for me. As I write this post, the start broadcast button now loads. I believe the bug has something to do with rescheduling the live stream to before our initial broadcast time but it could be a number of things. If you saw the Codeforces update, we rescheduled the broadcast to an hour earlier to avoid conflicts with CS Academy Round #18. The button loaded after our original time passed. I've also read up on potential workarounds if this problem occurs in the future.

So here is my plan for this week. I will run my usual episode of Algorithms Live! on Friday this week to see if the technical problems are corrected. Then on Sunday I will run the AtCoder episode with Makoto. I'll update this blog later in the week with more details.

See you all next week!

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