Thursday, February 16, 2017

Episodes 7 and 8 - Steiner Trees and AtCoder

This weekend will feature two Algorithms Live! episodes. This will hopefully make up for last week's technical difficulties.

Episode 7 will take place tomorrow and cover Steiner Trees. I'll be covering the solution idea to Ticket to Ride from NWERC 2006. You can find the problem here:

SPOJ also has the problem if you would like to try it:

I'll be discussing two approaches for solving Steiner Tree problems for different bounds and some optimizations for making the approaches faster. I'll also live code the solution to Ticket to Ride.

Here is the info for the new Episode 7: (time, stream, channel)

On Sunday, Makoto Soejima will join Algorithms Live! to make up last week's episode. This episode will now be Episode 8. He will answer many of your posted questions, discuss AtCoder, and discuss the problem "90 and 270". You can find more information about the episode in the previous post.

Here is the info for Episode 8: (time, stream, channel)

See you live!

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