Thursday, January 26, 2017

Episode 5 - Geometric Sweeps

Exciting news! Algorithms Live! is now eligible for a custom URL:

A special thank you to everyone that subscribed and viewed episodes to make this possible!

This week's episode will feature a special guest, Lewin Gan. Lewin writes problems regularly for Topcoder, Codeforces, and USACO. He is also judge and problem writer for the ICPC contests: NAIPC and Pacific Northwest Regional Contest. He was also an ICPC World Finalist in 2014 competing for University of California, Berkeley.

We will be discussing geometric sweeps. During the discussion, we will cover solutions for two of Lewin's interesting problems and a solution for a problem I set for NAIPC'15. We'll also take a segue into inversive geometry as an alternative method to solving one of his problems.

You can view all of Lewin's Topcoder problems here and Codeforces problems here. I'm sure you will find several of his problems interesting.

Here are the problems we will be discussing and a few more using related techniques:

See you live! (time, stream, channel)

Update: Lewin wanted to pass on the discussion of the O(log log P) optimization for the binary search in Hongcow Draws a Circle. You can find that here.

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