Thursday, January 5, 2017

Episode 2 - Fancy Antiques

Try solving this problem.

This week's episode will feature our first guest, Deon Nicholas. Deon is an ICPC World Finalist from the University of Waterloo placing 13th in 2015. He is also a judge for NAIPC and the author of "Fancy Antiques", the problem we will cover this week.

This problem is particularly interesting to me. Despite being solved by only two teams, it has a remarkably simple solution. Moreover, the analysis of why the solution works, and is efficient, is beautiful. I believe such techniques are not well known given the low solve rate and should make for an interesting discussion. We'll be discussing the problem in detail, techniques for solving the problem more efficiently than the bounds require, and ideas for attacking similar problems. We'll also discuss an alternative solution by another judge from the contest, Lewin Gan.

This is our first week in the talk show format. Over the next few weeks, I hope to have many more guests. If you would like to see someone in particular on the show, please give their name in the comments. :)

See you live! (time, streamchannel)

Edit: For those interested in implementations of the discussed solutions, they can be found on David Van Brackle's judging blog:

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