Friday, November 30, 2018

Episode 33 - Maximum Flow Intuition

During September I attended the IOI as the USA team's deputy leader. The event was lots of fun and I met many new friends, some of which will be future episode guests. While attending I also presented my paper on Tidal Flow, an algorithm I invented while training for ICPC contests. The paper also served as an extensive study on maximum flow algorithms. During testing I implemented many new flow algorithms and decided it would be fun to share some of these algorithms in an extended flow series.

The first episode of this series is now available here. I'll be going over terminology, proofs, algorithms, and patterns as the series expands. There is much to talk about. I'll be interspersing the episodes with some guest episodes I've been planning. Hopefully this variety will keep the episodes exciting for all viewers.

In other news, I've received many requests to start a GitHub repository to store all of the code I write during episodes. Such a repository is now available here.


  1. Loving this channel. I plan to watch all the videos on this channel. Started with binary lifting. Watched 5-6 videos as of now. I'm recommending this channel to everyone in my college.
    P.S. - This was the topic I was planning to start. I loved that this channel started this.

  2. Superb channel , thanks for all the efforts !!