Friday, July 7, 2017

Episode 24 - 2SAT

Sadly, due to some personal matters, I had trouble scheduling a time for last week's episode. So I'll be running that episode tonight. I'll make a surprise bonus episode sometime in the future to make up for it.

This week's episode will cover 2SAT (2-satisfiability). You can attempt these problems:

This topic is a bit tricky to explain depending on your background and knowledge base. To make things a bit easier, I'll be using concepts taught in the first chapter of Rosen's Discrete Mathematics. I'll be aligning with the notation and assume some basic familiarity with propositional logic and deductions.

The goals of this episode are to demonstrate how to make 2SAT problems easier to implement, pull the answer out, find the lexicographically first answer, and discuss the problem's relationship to strongly connected components.

See you live! (time, stream)

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